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“SUN Community Schools in Multnomah County are full-service neighborhood hubs where the school and partners from across the community come together to make sure kids and families have what they need to be successful – in school and in life.”

Ron Russell SUN Community School 

Winter SUN | Jan. 14th – March 14th | Monday- Thursday | 3:00 PM – 5:20 PM

Free daily supper for participating students at 3:00 PM


All Ron Russell students are invited to join us for the SUN program where students are encouraged to explore their interests and try new things! The SUN program offers educational support in addition to recreational and enrichment activities. Students can sign up for classes Monday through Thursday but are required to sign up at least 2 days a week. Please read below for the topics and descriptions of the fall classes!

Students have three options for transportation after the SUN program. They can take the bus, walk, or parents can pick them up. The bus is only available for participants who already take the bus to school. Parents can choose their preferred transportation method on the registration form.


Period 1 Activities: 3:20-4:10PM


Chess Club                                                                                               

MONDAY AND WEDNESDAY                                                       

Chess is a fun game that incorporates many aspects of a person: it requires you to be knowledgeable, inquisitive, open-minded, risk-taking, and reflective. The chess club is meant to foster student’s intellectual growth while having fun.


Oregon Battle of the Books (OBOB)                                                 


Love to read? Join SUN’s Battle of the Books team! We’ll read this year’s great selections, quiz each other about the books we’ve read, and then participate in an OBOB Tournament!


Scary Stories and Zines                                                                       


Learn how to tell spooky, creepy-crawly stories about monsters,

ghosts and other scary things in this class. Then next time you’re at a slumber party or sitting around a campfire, you’ll have a scary tale to share too. We will also cover a quick history of zines (self-published magazines) and share zine-making techniques students will work on writing, cutting and pasting together their zines.




Are you looking for leadership opportunities to affect change within your school and community? Boost your self-esteem and leadership skill. Learn NOW what it takes to reach your academic and personal goals. Join REAP to ignite your leadership potential and win the FUTURE NOW!


Homework Club                                                                                      


Need a quiet place to catch up on your work? Homework Club will offer just that, as well as instructors to help you if you have questions. *Students must bring work each day.


Cool Code__________________________________________


A great class for beginners that are looking to GEEK out! Fun games and challenges employing coding fundamentals. Supporting critical thinking skills, problem-solving ability and persistence. This course provides a comfortable balance between code writing and digital media at all levels of ability.


AKA Science: Cool Chemistry ________________________


Want to get a reaction? Use chemistry to change the world! Transform regular liquids into a bubbling lava lamp and make a container burst into the air! Investigate fake snow, mix up some flubber, and explore awesome acids and bases…then take stuff home to amaze your family and friends!



Period 2 Activities: 4:15-5:20PM


Art 4 Class                                                                                                


Use of art media, the creative process, and the resulting artwork to foster self-awareness, improve social skills, reduce anxiety, and increase self-esteem. Media topics covered in this program include: illustration, flip-books, doodle art, Origami, Macrame and clay works.


Wanna Bet? _________________________________________


Wanna Bet? Let’s talk about everyday gaming and play popular games like: Pie Face, Apples to Apples and other fun free choice games.


Trillium: Treat Yo Self! A Self Care Club___________________


Ever feel tired, anxious, or overwhelmed by the responsibilities of home and school? Come learn about Self-Care, which involves intentionally taking time to care for your physical, mental, and emotional health. Each week students will have the opportunity to try a different self-care activity and learn how to incorporate self-care into their daily routines.


Hip Hop____________________________________________


Do you like to dance? Come out and join our hip hop dance class! Learn how to break it down and move to the groove! All dancers are welcome to join. You do not need to be experienced.


Sports Club________________*Athletic clothing encouraged


During this class we will be getting our bodies moving. Activities will include yoga, indoor soccer, basketball games, capture the flag, colors and other games that students suggest.


Computer Lab______________________________________


Like to play some computer games? Come and join our computer lab class to play some online games!




Theater is a great way to learn how to work with others, think on our feet and go with the flow. Through fun and silly activities, we’ll develop our confidence on stage and in life! Discover basic theatre skills through, theater games, improvisation, playwriting, character development and movement as you create a performance piece to perform.


Multicultural Club____________________________________


Students will be selecting countries from around the world and studying their cultures. In the class we will be talking about history, geography, traditions and customs, food, music and a variety of other aspects of culture. Students will be encouraged to share their own culture with the class and talk about their family’s history and experiences. We will be looking at maps and photos as well as watching video clips and listening to music.


Block Classes Activities: 3:20-5:20PM


Soccer Club                                                                                             

*MONDAY AND WEDNESDAY*                                                     

Come out and play some soccer! In this club we will learn the fundamentals of soccer and work as a team! We will play friendly soccer games against other schools as well!


Readers and Leaders                                                                            


In this leadership group, we will go to Earl Boyles once a week. You will be partnered with a 2nd or 3rd grade student and will read to each other. If you like to read and are interested in taking on a leadership role, this class is perfect for you!




Are you a Latino or consider yourself to be a leader or are interested in becoming one? Conexiones is a space for Latino students to develop positive cultural identity, communication skill-building and prepares students for college and career exploration.


Creative Writing                                                                                  


In this class, we will do many different types of creative writing such as poetry, short stories, journal prompts, and more. This class is designed to inspire you to write original pieces of writing!


Youth, Crime and Safety                                                                      


This class will cover public safety aspects and explore the criminal justice system. Youth will learn how to call 911 vs the non-emergency number. Field Trips, role play, and interactive activities will be included as students learn ways to be safe in their homes and community. Classes will include guest speakers who will talk about their jobs such as police officers and their police dog from the K9 unit and many other public safety professionals.


Cooking Class                                                                                         


Like to cook? Want to learn how to cook some meals? If so, sign up for our cooking class where each class period we will cook something new and you will get to taste it when it’s done!




PAS is a bilingual and bicultural program dedicated to empowering Latinx students to be leaders in their community. Students will explore identity and culture through art, music, language, and film to discuss issues they face in their every-day lives. We emphasize building healthy relationships with our families and communities, as well as building youth power for social change.


Indigenous Peoples Club_______________________________


Open to all students, Ron Russell’s Indigenous People’s Club will explore what it means to identify as Native American. Club members will have an opportunity to learn and discuss the culture, history, and current events of Native Americans. Come learn about traditions, participate in games, dance, crafts, and share in the rich oral tradition of storytelling.




Pride Club is about embracing who you are and accepting others for being themselves. Come to support friends and family and find a safe space to be yourself! In Pride, we will talk about issues facing LGBTQ people, watch movies, and have fun in a safe space.