We are working hard to set your child up for a safe and successful end to the school year.

Ron Russell uses Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) to ensure our behavioral expectations are taught and reinforced in all common areas of the school (hallways, commons, arrival, dismissal, etc…)  You’ve probably seen our PBIS posters that highlight our expectations all around our school.  We have a team of administrators, teachers, and classified staff that meet twice monthly to review discipline data, problem-solve ways to continue to strengthen positive behavior school-wide, and plan school-wide rewards.  At Ron Russell, we focus on four behavioral expectations that are positvely stated and easy to remember.  Respectful, Responsible, Making Good Choices, and Safe.  RRMS…or Ron Russell Middle School!

We want students to be in class learning and not down in the office.  Below is our “PBIS Triangle” that visually shows us the students earning discipline referrals.  The PBIS goal is to have our “Green Zone” be 80% or higher.  These are students who receive 0 or 1 discipline referral for the year.  Currently, we are at 88.8%!  Our “Yellow Zone” currently has 8.0% students who have received 2-5 referrals and PBIS says it should be lower than 15%.  Finally, our red zone currently has 3.2% of our students who have received 6 or more discipline referrals.  PBIS says this should be 5% or less.  We are proud of these numbers and are always looking for ways to get better and work with students so they know our expectations, choose to follow them, and stay in class learning!



Click below to see what behavior is expected at Ron Russell in different parts of our school.




Click below to see what is required for students to attend our May Tracker Party.




May PBIS Assembly – 8:30 a.m. – Gym – June 2nd

Tracker Party – 2:00 p.m. – June 2nd

At our Tracker Party, we will have a VIP section set up for students who have earned the right to attend every Tracker Party this year and/or have earned Wolf Pride Cards each quarter.  Student may use their phones, play in a bounce house, and enjoy a healthy snack in our VIP section!