Finding our Strength, 

United as One

October 19, 2021

Dear Ron Russell Families,

Wednesday Morning Buses:  Students have been arriving at school too early on our Late Start Wednesdays.  Transportation has adjusted their schedule to arrive closer to when our doors open.  Like last week, you can expect your pick up time in the morning to be approximately 10 minutes later.  

Community Sports Basketball: Calling all girls in 3rd-6th grade and boys in 3rd-8th Grade. Registration for 2021-2022 season is now open. Have fun, learn the game, and represent your school. Get up to date information and register at by website

Water Bottles:  Please remind students to bring water bottles to school if they need something to drink during the day.  As a COVID precaution, water fountains have been turned off but there are filling stations available.  We also do not have more drinking cups to loan to students.  

Masks:  Also, be sure students have a proper fitting mask each day.  We have some extras if a student has one that breaks, but they should have their own.  This will ensure safety for our community.

Tracker Party:  This year will be having our Tracker Party on Friday, October 29th.  Students who are in good discipline standing will be able to enjoy a fun afternoon of games and activities. All COVID safety protocols will be followed.  

SUN Classes:  SUN Classes have started this week.  If your student is involved in SUN class, they should go right to the Commons at the end of the school day.  They will check in, have a snack, and then head to their classes.  Students have been having a ton of fun in their SUN activities. 


Michael Contreras

Principal, Ron Russell Middle School