Important School Information

Below is some information to answer many of the questions you may have about the start of school. If you have a question not answered here, please call the school office at 503-256-6519. Our office hours are 7:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.



•Breakfast and Lunch. 

Applications for reduced or free lunch are available in our main office.  Breakfast is free to all and is served starting at 7:50 a.m. and 9:10 a.m. on Wednesdays.


•Late Arrival Wednesdays

All schools in the David Douglas School District, except Fir Ridge Campus, will open one and one half hours late every Wednesday throughout the school year. This means that every Wednesday Ron Russell Middle School will start at 9:40 a.m. Teachers and administrators meet every week in teams during this time to plan and implement school improvements to increase academic achievement for every student.


•Thursday Homework Support

Every Thursday we offer homework support in our library until 4:00 p.m.  This is a quiet place where students can catch up on missing work or use technology for school related assignments.  Our administrators run our Thursday Homework Support.  Transportation is not provided.  Our final support day is Thursday, June 8th.


•Bus Routes

Enclosed in our August student mailing was a Ron Russell bus schedule from David Douglas Public Schools Transportation to assist you with planning if your child rides the bus. Please call (503) 256-6526 if you have questions.


•P.E. Uniforms

P.E. uniforms are required.  They cost $10.00 for the shirt and $10.00 for shorts and are available at any time in our Attendance Office.  Students may also wear a plain white T-shirt and black shorts.


•RRMS Twitter

Follow us now on Twitter @RRTimberwolves for all things RRMS and photos of students working in classrooms.



We continue to emphasize regular attendance (five or fewer days absent for the school year). Our goal is for every student to have a minimum of 90% attendance rate.  There is no substitute for being in school and school achievement is maximized when students are here. If a student is vomiting or has a fever, please keep them at home. Please schedule doctor, dentist, or orthodontist appointments for before or after school hours whenever possible. If you can’t please try to arrange them for lunchtime. Your student needs to be in class learning at RRMS.



Please make sure your student arrives to school with all school supplies. The list for supplies is on this website and was sent home in our August mailing.


•Student Information Packets

During the first week of school, information packets were sent home with your child. Some of the forms will be completed under the teacher’s direction, and the rest will need to be taken home for you to read and complete. Included with the documents coming home was the student verification form. It is particularly important for us to have current, accurate home, cell, emergency and work phone numbers. If these numbers change any time during the school year please remember to let us know, as it is very important that we locate you in the event of an emergency. Please update and return to school as soon as possible.


•Student Immunizations

Parents will receive information throughout the year, beginning with the first week packet, that explains the requirements for student immunizations. Please make sure your child’s immunizations are up to date. If you have questions regarding immunizations please call our School Nurse at (503) 256-6519 ext. 5619.


•Daily Planners

Every student will receive a daily, customized RRMS planner, which also contains our student/parent handbook. When your student receives this book, please read and review it with your child. This planner will be used by all our teachers when giving assignments and planning instruction. If a planner is lost, a replacement planner can be purchased in the main office for $3.00
View the current year’s planner.