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April 13th, 2021

Shine Wherever!

Dear Ron Russell Families,

We are excited to have students back in the building next week.  Our staff has been preparing their classroom and our building for their return. Even if your student is remaining in CDL, we are thankful they are part of our learning community.  All information can be found on the RRMS Hybrid Learning Parent Information pages.  Please review the slides with your child before they return next week.  Here is some information to highlight

  • Slide 2 Can my child go to school?.  Please follow this flowchart to determine if you should send your child to school or not.
  • Slide 3  First week of Hybrid Learning

Monday, April 19

6th & 7th Grade Group A In Building Orientation

6th & 7th Grade Group B and CDL Virtual Classes

All 8th Graders in CDL 

Tuesday, April 20

6th & 7th Grade Group B In Building Orientation

6th & 7th Grade Group A and CDL Virtual Classes

All 8th Graders in CDL 

Wednesday, April 21

All Grades Group A in Building

All Grade Group B and CDL Virtual Classes

Thursday, April 22

All Grades Group B In Building

All Grade Group A and CDL Virtual Classes

Friday, April 23

All students in Advisory Virtually 8:30am

  • Slide 4  Cohort Groups:  This will tell you which days you child will be in the building.
  • Slide 5 Building Entrance:  All students will enter the building based on their grade and advisory teacher. Be sure you know where to go on the first day. 
  • Slide 6 Our Schedule:  Because we need to stagger the passing periods in the building, classes will start at different times.  Students need to know the start times for each class.  Your schedule is based on your advisory teacher. 
  • Slide 7 Student Supplies:  Students everyday should bring:  backpack, charged chromebook, mask, filled water bottle, and basic school supplies.
  • Slide 8 Inside the Classroom explains expectations when they are in the classroom
  • Slide 9 Restroom Protocols goes over how we will ensure students are safe when they use the restroom.
  • Slide 10 Lunch & Snack:  All students will receive a snack at school and lunch as they leave.  Students in full time CDL may pick up a lunch at RRMS Monday-Thursday from 8:00-8:30am
  • Side 11 Mask Policy:  All students and staff are required to wear a while in the building.   

We look forward to starting up again next week!


Michael Contreras

Principal, Ron Russell Middle School

Office Contacts

Summer Hours are Monday – Thursday, generally 8:00am-3:00pm. Call first to check.


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Fax: 503-761-7246

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