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“The mission of the RRMS community is to continually provide a vibrant and safe learning environment that promotes acceptance, compassion, and respect.  We will inspire all students to love learning and to grow emotionally, socially, and intellectually.  We strive to educate each student to his or her highest level of academic excellence, social responsibility, and cultural awareness.”

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•Our office is open throughout the summer from 7:30 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.  Stop by if you’d like!  However, it might be best to call and make an appointment first if you’d like to see an administrator.

Back to School Letters will be mailed the week of August 14th.  If you have moved over the summer, please let us know!  Stop by the office or call at (503) 256-6519.

6th Grade Open House will be Thursday, August 31st.  8:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m.

•The first day of school for 2017-2018 for 6th graders will be Tuesday, September 5th.

•The first day of school for 2017-2018 for 7th and 8th graders will be Wednesday, September 6th.


Dear Ron Russell Families,

It is a bittersweet feeling for me to write the next sentence.  I accepted a job at our district office for next year titled Director of Education (PreK-12).  There are many components to this new position, but my main responsibilities will be to supervise/evaluate all David Douglas principals and to problem-solve with families and to work together to increase family involvement in David Douglas.  While I’m looking forward to this new challenge, I cannot begin to tell you how much I will miss our students, families, and staff that make up the Ron Russell Community.

One of my first responsibilities as Director of Education is to collaborate with a team of David Douglas administrators, teachers, and parents to find our next principal of Ron Russell.  This process has already begun and our team is committed to finding only the best leader for a fantastic middle school!

I want to thank you for six amazing years at Ron Russell.  Throughout this time, we have not been perfect.  However, we have increased achievement, increased attendance, and lowered discipline referrals.  Along the way, I have learned so much from our community.  Without question, I have been unbelievably honored to be principal of Ron Russell Middle School.  By working together, we ensured success for your child and prepared them for high school and beyond.



Andy Long

Office Contacts

3955 SE 112th Ave

Portland, Oregon 97266
Fax: 503-761-7246
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Andy Long – andrew_long@ddsd40.org

Vice Principals
Larry Tew – larry_tew@ddsd40.org

Allen Browning – allen_browning@ddsd40.org

School Improvement Coordinator
Holly Schauer – holly_schauer@ddsd40.org

Melissa Johnson – melissa_johnson@ddsd40.org

Caitlin Ludlow – caitlin_ludlow@ddsd40.org

Head Secretary
Sandy Hanna – sandy_hanna@ddsd40.org

Counseling Secretary
Chelli Berry – chelli_berry@ddsd40.org

Attendance Secretary
Ruth Lofthus – ruth_lofthus@ddsd40.org