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Dear Ron Russell Middle School Community,

We are excited to welcome you to another great Timberwolves school year! As the new Principal at Ron Russell Middle School, I am honored to help make RRMS the school our students deserve. I have already had the chance to meet staff, students, and parents. At every level, there is a strong belief in our students and what they can accomplish.

Our theme this year is “Rise Together!” We all have an amazing opportunity to help our students grow and achieve. This can only be accomplished if we recognize the power in each other and our collective responsibility. Middle school can be a unique time for kids; the years navigating adolescence is rarely easy. Yet, there is an excitement that comes with watching our students grow into the young adults they will be. Our goal is to help them on this journey to grow academically, socially, and emotionally.

The beginning of the school year is rapidly approaching. If you are new to us, welcome to the RRMS Wolf Pack. You are joining a special place that values each individual. If you are returning, welcome back. We hope you will come back refreshed and excited after your time off. No matter what your emotions are about beginning a new school year, we are here to help. Every member of our community is deeply committed to the tremendous potential of every child. Our goal is always student success. We look forward to seeing you at the beginning of the year.

Go Timberwolves!

Michael Contreras

Office Contacts

Summer Hours are Monday – Thursday, generally 8:00am-3:00pm. Call first to check.


3955 SE 112th Ave
Portland, Oregon 97266

Fax: 503-761-7246

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Michael Contreras

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