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“The mission of the RRMS community is to continually provide a vibrant and safe learning environment that promotes acceptance, compassion, and respect.  We will inspire all students to love learning and to grow emotionally, socially, and intellectually.  We strive to educate each student to his or her highest level of academic excellence, social responsibility, and cultural awareness.”

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Dear Ron Russell Families,

As we move into fourth quarter, please know of some changes our school board has made to bring back some school days previously missed because of inclement weather this winter:

April 7th will be a full day of school and not a teacher grading day.

May 12th will be a full day of school and not a 11:00 dismissal.

We will use all of our make-up days to continue to deliver the high-quality instruction your middle school student deserves.  State testing is coming and we want them to be ready.

The three middle school years are very significant in your child’s overall school experience. They are making their way into adulthood and developing habits and friendships they will carry on the rest of their lives. We take this very seriously and are committed to doing everything we can to positively support their independence and promote academic success.

Speaking of academic success, in January we had 42 students at RRMS who improved .5 in their GPA from Quarter 1 to Quarter 2.  That means these 42 hard workin’ Wolves are the first recipients of our Timberwolf SWAG (Students With Academic Growth) award!  We had 36 Students Of The Month who were selected for showing outstanding responsibility in their classes!  Also, we had 50 students selected to be March Academic All-Stars for their strong commitment to their studies.  Many students applied for a Quarter 3 Wolf Pride Card.  We had over 280 students recognized as earning Honor Roll for Quarter 2.  Our working so hard to motivate our students to learn, stretch themselves, and do their best at school. 

We have two big strengths working for us at RRMS. First, I believe we have the best kids in the state who walk through our front doors every morning ready to do their best in the classroom and willing to treat everyone around them with respect. Our second strength lies in our supportive, dedicated, and caring teachers and staff, who work tirelessly for the best interests of our students…your children!  I feel extremely fortunate to be a part of this team.

The word is out about Ron Russell. Last school year, we again experienced our best attendance and lowest number of discipline referrals in school history. We were the only David Douglas school who showed improvement in reading, math, and science state testing scores from the previous year. Also, we were one of two DD schools to achieve a Level 4 in all three areas of our school report card.

In addition to attendance and student achievement, a major focus at RRMS is the wellness of our students, staff, and community. This year, we received America’s Healthiest School bronze award and next year we are striving for silver!  This award recognized us as national leader in school wellness.  We aim to equip kids with the resources and skills to lead healthy lives and develop lifelong healthy habits.  At Ron Russell, we recognize that health and academic success are inherently linked. Because of this, we strive to provide healthy environments for our students at school.

All students at our school are required to take PE and Health every year (grades 6-8).  Every student will have PE every other day for the entire year with very few exemptions allowed.  Health is taught a total of 12 weeks during grades 6-8.  We serve healthy food in our cafeteria and our school prohibits giving out food as a reward.  We encourage healthy eating by providing healthy snacks that students can purchase at our Wolf Mart (student store), including fresh fruit cups made by our students in Leadership class.

Additionally, we require that all foods served and offered during the school day meet or exceed the USDA’s Smart Snacks in School nutrition standards.  This includes snacks that are not part of a federally reimbursed child nutrition program, birthday parties, holiday parties, and school-wide celebrations. We recognize that we need to provide consistent messaging around healthy eating to avoid sending youth conflicting messages. Our celebrations, such as our monthly school-wide Tracker Parties, include healthy foods and provide our students with opportunities to play, enjoy music, dance, games, sports, and other activities.

Our four school-wide behavior expectations continue to be that all students are Respectful, Responsible, Make good choices, and are Safe (RRMS). We refer to them on a daily basis. We believe these expectations set a tone for optimal learning and safety. With that said, one goal of ours is to provide your child with a smooth start to their school year. For more detailed information and important dates, please click on the link “Important School Information” on the right hand side of the our website under “Quick Links.”

If you have any questions or concerns (or compliments!), please do not hesitate to reach out to our school.  Use our staff directory on this website as e-mail is the most effective way to communicate with teachers.

I appreciate the opportunity to say how unbelievably excited and honored I am to be in my sixth year as principal of Ron Russell Middle School.  By working together, we can ensure success for your child and prepare them for high school and beyond.




Andy Long – Principal

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