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“The mission of the RRMS community is to continually provide a vibrant and safe learning environment that promotes acceptance, compassion, and respect.  We will inspire all students to love learning and to grow emotionally, socially, and intellectually.  We strive to educate each student to his or her highest level of academic excellence, social responsibility, and cultural awareness.”

“La misión de la comunidad de la Secundaria Ron Russell es proporcionar continuamente un ambiente de aprendizaje vibrante y seguro que promueva la aceptación, la compasión y el respeto. Vamos a inspirar a todos los estudiantes a amar el aprendizaje y crecer emocionalmente, socialmente e intelectualmente. Nos esforzamos por educar a cada estudiante a su nivel más alto de excelencia académica, responsabilidad social y conciencia cultural.”

“Trường chúng tôi.  Sứ mệnh của cộng đồng RRMS là tiếp tục tạo nên một môi trường học tập an toàn, tương kính, nhân hậu và công bằng. Chúng tôi sẽ dạy tất cả học sinh biết say mê học hỏi, phát triển cảm xúc, xã hội và nâng cao trí tuệ. Chúng tôi cố gắng mở mang trí thức cho mỗi một học sinh dù nam hay nữ tới trình độ cao nhất về nhận thức văn hoá, trách nhiệm xã hội và xuất sắc trong học tập.”


March 2018

Dear Ron Russell Families,

What an unusual winter we’ve had!  I am glad to have students back in school and learning.  Hopefully you received my emails and phone calls alerting you of the closures.  If you did not, please call the office as soon as possible to update your contact information.  While the winter weather may be over, this system is used to communicate school wide events, absences, and emergencies, so it is vital that we have your correct information.

Congratulations:  Join me in congratulating Sandy Hanna, our amazing Head Secretary, as the new Executive Assistant in the Superintendent’s Office!  She has been at Ron Russell since the day it opened its doors to welcome students and their families and support everyone in the building.  We will surely miss her but know that she will be a great addition to the Superintendent’s Office as she continues to serve David Douglas families.

Join me in welcoming Jenny Foteff as our new Head Secretary!  She comes to us from the Office of Human Resources here at David Douglas.  Prior to that, she was the secretary to the Vice Principal and the secretary for the Dean of Students at David Douglas High School.  Her many years of secretarial experience and eleven years serving David Douglas families made her the ideal choice. Welcome to the Ron Russell Timberwolf Den!

Student Safety:  We are all painfully aware of the tragic shooting that occurred in Parkland, Florida.  They remind us all about the importance of preparation and continuous improvement as we hold our monthly drills for emergencies such as fire, lock in, lock out, and earthquake.  Assist us in reminding students the importance of speaking up anytime they feel threatened or observe potentially harmful behaviors.  All students are encouraged and made to feel safe coming to a staff member with any concerns regarding safety or reporting concerning behaviors.  If they see something, they should say something. The safety of our students is our top priority.

Traffic Safety:  Please be careful dropping students off on 112th Street.  I am on duty every morning on Bush Avenue and 112th Street and have seen very unsafe driving and do not want to see any of our students get hurt.  Specifically, I am seeing illegal u-turns, speeding, and jaywalking. I continue to work with the Portland Bureau of Transportation and Safe Routes to School to improve safety.  They will be installing flashing lights on 112th that will flash from 7am-5pm to inform drivers of the school speed zone. Currently 112th is a designated emergency route and therefore cannot have speed bumps, but we hope that the flashing lights will get people to slow down.  They are also looking into the possibility of adding a crosswalk directly in front of the school. I will continue to work with them on more visibility projects to make our school and community safer and appreciate your assistance on keeping our children safe.

Academic Progress:  Here at Ron Russell, we take the academic success of our students seriously, second only to their safety.  As such, we frequently check on their progress. In the classroom, teachers check in on a daily basis to see whether students understood the day’s learning target and then use that information to plan for the next day’s lesson.  In case you didn’t already know, we use every Wednesday morning late start to meet by grade level and subject teams to discuss our teaching, analyze student data, learn from each other, and adjust our teaching. This is also when Mr. Tew, Mr. Browning, and I can work with the teams; we also meet with individual teachers throughout the year.  It is through this intentional and multi-tiered system of focus and collaboration that results in high student achievement.

Here is the data from the second quarter.  Percentage of 6th graders passing their math and language arts (LA) classes:  74% Math and 90% LA. Percentage of 7th graders passing their math and language arts (LA) classes:  95% Math and 85% LA. Percentage of 8th graders passing their math and language arts (LA) classes: 96% Math and 85% LA.  Way to go Timberwolves!

You can help your student by frequently checking on their progress in ParentVUE.  In there, you can see grades, assignment scores, missing assignments, and quiz/test scores for each class.  You can also email a teacher directly within the system to ask questions or share concerns. You also might consider sending your student to Homework Help if you can provide transportation home or live close enough to walk.  It is available Thursdays after school from 3-4pm in the Library with me, Mr. Tew, or Mr. Browning.

Honor Roll Ceremony:  275 students earned Honor Roll during the second quarter–that is 32% of our total student population!  Specifically, 113 students earned a perfect 4.0 GPA for Honor Roll Gold and 162 students earned a 3.5-3.9 for Honor Roll Black!  If your child makes Honor Roll in Quarter 3, you are invited to attend the Honor Roll Ceremony on Friday, May 4 from 9:20-10:03AM in The Commons at Ron Russell MS.  


Principal Truong

Thu Truong, Principal

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